Plan your Vaduz trip for free

Are you planning to visit Vaduz? Here is a great opportunity to plan your trip upfront. Just click the button below, enter your key dates and get a trip schedule for free with all the great spot of Liechtenstein's capital Vaduz. And of course, our Hoi gift and souvenir boutique is something that you shouldn't miss :-)

Hoi Liechtenstein

Hoi Liechtenstein is a small family business located right in the city center of the capital Vaduz. 

  • Wide range of local products
  • All products and souvenirs are made in Liechtenstein or within Europe
  • All products are manufactured in a high quality and in a small quantity
  • Most of the souvenirs are designed by the Hoi-Team
  • All Hoi staff members are locals
  • Official outlet of the Liechtenstein souvenir stamp